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October 22, 2008
Website and Portfolio has been updated. Click here to check out our latest portfolio.
October 22, 2008
We are pleased to announce the launching of Header Design package. Click here for more details.

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I contacted Yinn Pixel for a banner seeing their advertisement on a forum. I wasn't expecting a great deal to be honest, since there was hardly much in their portfolio.

But I am really amazed by the quick turn around time, the quality and the professionalism of their service. I recommend everyone looking for a banner to hire them, if you want the best bang for the buck!
Amaresh Ray,
United States
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Yinn Pixel's Articles

  • Banner Ads: Your Best Tool in Advertising
    You are probably familiar with banner ads - you know them, those square or rectangular windows that pop up when you enter a website. Such banner ads will promote a product or service and ask you to click on them. That is advertising with banner ads at its simplest.
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  • Banner Advertising: Your Key to Business Success!
    Banner advertising works on a very simple principle: you ask a host website to allow you to post your banner ad on their webpage because you hope visitors to that host website will be interested in your banner ad and click on it. In return for this privilege, the host website will be paid a certain sum, either via CPM (cost per thousand times the banner ad is flashed on the host website), or through pay-per-click agreements (where you - the advertiser - will only pay every time someone actually clicks on the banner ad.)
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  • Learn How Banner Ads Help Your Website Get the Best Traffic
    Are banner ads still an effective advertising tool for websites? The truth is that, though banner ads used to be used widely in the online world, many websites have stopped using banner ads as an advertising tool. One reason for this is that click-through rates have fallen to an average of 0.39%, which does not help motivate website owners to keep using banner ads.
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  • Know What's Perfect for Your Business with the Different Banner Ad Types
    Banner ads differ in sizes, but generally fall into eight categories (according to the Internet Advertising Bureau.) The banner ads are measured by pixel dimensions, with a pixel being equivalent to the smallest measurement of color that can appear as an image on a computer screen.
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  • Banner Advertising: Do I need it?
    Everyone who has been using the Internet for some time has seen a banner ad, which is what is used for banner advertising. A banner ad is an advertisement which is contained within a rectangular box which ask you to click on them. If you follow that request, the next page you will see will be the webpage of the company or individual advertising through the banner ad.
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